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Online Personal Training

Imagine knowing that every training session is moving you closer to your goals. Online Personal Training takes out the guess work and can be tailored to your needs and schedule.

- Exercise in your own time

- Affordable

- Ongoing support 

What does it include?

- Nutrition coaching

- New personalised training plan every month

- Supplementation advice

- Accountability

Is online coaching right for me?

You will have full access to my online training portal that will contain all of your training plans. 


Whether you are an experienced gym goer, or you are new to exercise, you will be guided through every exercise using detailed training videos and written instructions. 

With twice weekly check-ins via video chat, and with full access to me via phone and email, I am here to answer all of your questions. 

About me

Hi, my name is Michael Ulloa.

I have helped hundreds of clients, just like you, to lose body fat, build strength and improve their health.  

The fitness industry is built around quick fixes that don't last. I'm fed up of seeing people struggle with ill-advised diet plans and poor exercise advice. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you to improve your health.

Leave your details and I'll be in touch shortly...

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