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Personal Training

Expert guidance & one-to-one support

Are you sick of conflicting fitness advice and false promises? I recognise that every person I train is an individual and needs an individualised approach to both their diet and exercise. 


I will conduct an initial assessment and design a personalised exercise programme and nutrition plan just for you. 

Lifestyle changes that last 


I will coach you to be self-sufficient. I will empower you with the knowledge to be active and healthy for the rest of your life. 

How it works


Initial consultation


This is key to gaining a greater understanding of your exercise background, health status and fitness goals.


Personalised exercise plan 

I will walk you through your personalised exercise plan and you will gain access to my online training portal to access your plan.


Nutrition coaching

Following your dietary requirements and food preferences, I will design your nutrition plan that I will adapt as we progress through the coaching process.


One-to-one training sessions

Training sessions will be 60-minutes in length and will be tailored to your goals and exercise preferences.


24/7 support

You will have full access to me. I will support you all the way through the training process.

I offer a limited number of Personal Training spaces.

Click below to apply.

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