A mind that hates its body

Body dysmorphia still seems a taboo subject. To hear someone say that they hate their body, is quite shocking to hear.

The judgement of the way we look is bad for both sexes, but arguably still worse for women. Simply by being born female, there is a strong societal pressure that your worth is somehow tied in to how slim and how attractive you are. It is bullshit. Whereas guys are now expected to look like the steroid-induced superheroes we see on our TV screens. This is also bullshit. If you don’t fit this societal norm, things can be rough.

I have heard close friends and family members comment on how they hate their appearance and that they have always hated the way they look. They pick out flaws that no one can see other than themselves. It breaks my heart.

Us guys are just as guilty. I have never been happy with the way I look and I also think that working in the fitness industry can skew your perception of ‘normal’. I get self conscious about certain body parts and I have to force myself to realise that I probably don’t look how I think I look in my head.

I was interviewed on The Elliot Reeves Podcast recently with my good pal Jason Auld, and we were both asked if we ever have insecurities around the way that we look. He was surprised that I answered yes.

Unfortunately, working in the fitness industry and appearing to be in pretty good shape doesn’t make you immune to the pressures and potential pitfalls around body image.

The large majority of fitness accounts on social media are centred around half naked selfies (ironic post here I know) and revealing images. They tend to perform better than your average posts, and the social gratification can often tie in to your feelings of self-worth.

I don’t have a clear ‘do this’ and you’ll be immune to the pressures of dysmorphic thinking, but I just wanted to say that yes, we ALL have parts of our bodies we aren’t 100% comfortable with and no, you aren’t the only one feeling this way. Chances are, you’re way hotter than you think!

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