The fitness industry is all a bit serious, isn’t it?

Fitness mags are full of guys *clearly* on roids and you have PTs telling you to train like a lion, even if you’re struggling physically or mentally. Are you on your period? Doesn’t matter: no excuses. Oh, don’t forget, ‘no pain no gain’, or whatever bullshit slogan that can be thrown around.

Here’s a few thoughts for you:

1) The size of social media following does not equate to the level of knowledge on a topic. The worst advice often comes from ‘celebrity’ trainers with the largest followings. Because someone trains a celebrity, or has an impressive six-pack honestly doesn’t mean 💩Exhibit A: Cheryl Cole’s trainer doesn’t let her train ‘the big muscles’ and only trains the smaller muscles to increase muscle tone. You can’t see this, but I just facepalmed so hard that my hand came out the back of my head. Ignore vanity metrics and follow accounts that make you want to improve and make you feel good about yourself.

2) Do you obsess over your body weight? If so, please stop. If it causes you nothing but stress, why persevere? Stop weighing yourself and have some time away from the scales.

3) Anyone selling you a plan to ‘scorch belly fat’, or that targets fat from your thighs or arms is a lying piece of crap and is probably one of those weirdos that enjoys smelling their own farts. You can’t target body fat.

4) Every single food can be consumed as part of a healthy diet. Really. Pizza? Yup. Ice cream? Yup yup! Danger is in the dose. Make sure most of your diet is healthy and on track, then the occasional treat will be so satisfying. Like when you let out a sneeze that has been struggling to come out for a while!

5) Ladies, if when you are on your period and you struggle with hunger and food cravings, and if you find intense exercise too much: please pull back and be kind to yourself. Increase your calories and perform lighter workouts if you feel the need to. Why punish yourself further by restricting food and smashing your body to bits? Then when you feel up to it, revert things back to where they were before.

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