This makes me pretty angry. How many times have you been told this ridiculous statement?

Carbohydrates (shortened to ‘carbs’ within the fitness industry) will not make you fat. Unless you are experiencing issues with your metabolism or you have been diagnosed with a genetic condition, the only way carbohydrates will make you fat is if you eat too much of them.

Our bodies use carbohydrates as their main source of energy. They are broken down into glucose and stored within our muscles for whenever a burst of energy is required. They are pretty useful.

So what happens when we overeat carbohydrates? Our body will then store this extra energy in our fat cells. Consuming more than our body requires of any macronutrient will cause us to put on body fat. Whether this is from protein, fat or carbohydrate.

Please don’t demonise a food group and certainly don’t blame carbohydrates for their magical fat producing powers.

With every meal, aim for:

  • A portion of protein

  • A small helping of carbohydrate and dietary fat

  • Two sources of vegetables.

We are sorry, Mr Carbohydrate, for the years of abuse. We shall stop blaming you now…