Don't believe anyone

Don’t believe anyone who tells you they know what they are doing. I came to this realisation a few years back and it can been extremely comforting during stressful situations. The sooner you realise that no-one knows what the hell they are doing, and that we are all making it up as we go along, the better you will feel about yourself. Sadly we aren’t completely honest with each other, and watching others pretend to ‘have it all together’ can make us feel inferior. Most people don’t want their life-blagging secret let out of the bag but don’t worry, we are on to you 💩😉 A lot of you will be heading back to work today after the Christmas period and January can be a tough time. We look at other people’s lives through a filtered social media lens and it’s easy to start doubting your life choices and comparing your successes to others. But just remember, your boss, your teacher, your parents, your colleagues: whether they admit it or not, they are all winging it. Embrace the uncertainty and you do ‘you’.