We find the diet industry pretty frustrating. We spend our days trying to educate people to lead healthier lifestyles yet sometimes it feels like we are fighting a losing battle.

You want to lose 10lbs for your holiday? Here ya go, this detox tea will sort you out. Want to put on 10lbs of muscle? Perfect, here’s a ‘mass gainer’ shake and take some of these tablets every day!

What ever happened to the basics? Unless directed by your GP, before you take ANY supplement, you should be getting the basics right first. Finely-tune your nutrition, cutting out ‘junk’ and increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Make sure you are adequately hydrated. Get on top of your stress levels and make sure that your sleep quality is good. Without this solid foundation, your chances of long-term success are vastly reduced.

The problem with the ‘right’ approach is that it isn’t marketable. Selling a product that uses fancy terminology and comes in a shiny packet is much more appealing to someone that is looking for help. As a bonus, if you pay a B-list celebrity to stand there smiling with it in their hand telling you how much it helped them get in shape, you are on to a winner. We receive emails from companies on a daily basis asking us to become ‘brand ambassadors’ and to promote their supplement lines. The fitness industry is flooded with them.

We refuse to work with any supplement companies as we want to stay completely independent and unbiased when we are offering clients advice. With the exception of one or two companies, as soon as a trainer becomes affiliated with a certain brand, it is harder to trust what they are saying. Are they offering you what you need or are they trying to make a few quid?

Get the basics right and then seek the help of someone who knows what they are talking about and cares about improving your health. Click here to watch our recent vlog of ‘top tips for weight loss’

We promise that we wont give up the fight and we will continue to educate as best we can. All the while hoping that tighter regulations will eventually step in to help confused dieters. If you need my help or if have any questions, please email