Keeping it simple.

For anyone new to the world of fitness, it is a bit of a crazy game. Whether you’re an 18 year old lad trying to bulk up in a desperate attempt to impress the opposite sex, or you’re a 50 year old lady in search of a healthier life and wanting to lose a few pounds, the amount of information out there to ‘help’ you with your fitness journey can be overwhelming to say the least! Here at Finely Tuned Fitness we are experienced when it comes to training and diet approaches, but, in all honesty, sometimes even we get a little overwhelmed by the wealth of information the internet has to offer.

It case you have been under a rock for the last few years and missed it, the fitness bandwagon is in full swing. A simple search on any social media platform will throw up thousands of results, sending you in the direction of self-proclaimed fitness experts that believe they have the secret weapon to get you fit and healthy. Type in the words ’12 week fitness plan’ into Google and you’ll be bombarded with over 121 million results! Now don’t get me wrong, you may make some progress on a few of these plans, but we are not robots. How can one plan be fit for all? Well. It isn’t.

Here at FTF we like to keep things simple. Why do we have to overcomplicate things? We are all different. We cannot take one approach and apply it to all of our clients. Fasted morning cardio? Low carb? High fat? How about balance and common sense?

Now, within this post I won’t go into full depth explaining the benefits and drawbacks of different training protocols. I also won’t go into depth as to why each macronutrient of protein, fat or carbohydrate are needed (this will be debated all in good time!). But there really is no need to do anything crazy with your training approach if you are new to the world of fitness. There is also no need to cut out any of these macronutrient groups or do anything too funky to accelerate fat loss or muscle gain. We have some basic advice that we give to all clients and information seekers when we cross paths.

Choose the type of exercise that you enjoy! If you enjoy running, then run. If you enjoy lifting weights, then lift weights. If you enjoy group exercise classes, then dammit you shake your butt at Zumba as much as you like! When it comes to diet, be sensible. Eat single ingredient foods 90% of the time (foods like chicken breasts and tuna steaks are single ingredient, chicken nuggets are not!). Load your body up with a variety of vegetables and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Weight loss can be challenging, and gaining muscle can be a struggle. But you’ll be surprised at the results you can achieve with these simple tips.

Drastic changes may get short-term instant results, but they certainly aren’t sustainable. If you can’t imagine yourself on the same diet plan one year from now, you won’t stick to it.

It may sound boring. But it works. Keep it simple.