Latest fitness craze: Pokemon Go!

If you aren’t already riding the Pokemon wave, we have no idea what you’re waiting for. Stay with us here. Yes we are fully grown adults but so many of us grew up with these loveable monsters that we all seem desperate to fulfil our childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemon master.

Yes it may be a little sad, but so was admitting to being a Belieber and now look at all of us.

So, drawbacks may include: walking into lamp posts, loss of street cred and complete battery charge drain. But lets focus on the positives for now

The main thing we love about this app is that it’s getting people active again! You hear stories of people walking miles every day just to catch Pokemon and challenge other players. Many of these users haven’t exercised in weeks, months or even years. Players are complaining of muscle soreness from walking so far.

So a slow walk staring at your phone isn’t the most effective form of exercise, but it sure beats sitting on a sofa for hours. The most effective form of exercise is the one that you can stick to for the longest period of time. If walking to a Pokemon gym is what it takes to keep some active, then it certainly gets our approval!