Are you being sabotaged by your family and friends?

Do your family and friends support your weight loss efforts?

Going against societal norms with diet and exercise always confuses people. If you want to see this in action, look no further than any occasion that involves alcohol. Within the UK, if you don’t drink, you are an alien. “You’re not drinking? Why not?!” they gasp as if you’ve just taken a dump in their pint glass.

One of the biggest challenges to making positive lifestyle changes is the opinion of others.

It’s oh so easy to cave in to peer pressure and to go off track, but the quicker you realise that you shouldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks, the quicker you will achieve your goals. But I won’t lie to you, this is easier said than done.

I have a task for you.

Open up the notes section of your phone right now and write down your ‘why’. Why have you decided to make these changes? Forget ‘cos I want to lose weight’, because that doesn’t cut it. Really explore why you’ve decided to change your lifestyle and what do your new goals mean to you?

Now every time you are confronted with a challenging situation and that little devil appears on your shoulder, read this note. The written (or typed) word is unbelievably powerful.

We shouldn’t have to argue our case to others, especially to friends and family; but, sadly, we need to from time to time. Habits are hard to break and sometimes those closest to us don’t understand how important these goals are. You have to tell them. Sit them down and make them understand.

Practice a ‘sales’ pitch and be confident. “I’m losing weight because I want to set a healthy example to my kids” is a pretty tough statement to argue against. Use your why, create your ‘pitch’ and stand strongly behind it.

It’s time to do what YOU want to do. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and turn your health around, you have my utmost respect. It’s going to be tough and there are going to be many bumps in the road. But I promise you, it WILL be worth it. You’ve got this.

If you are doing it alone then find a support network that facilitates your goals and gives you motivation to succeed. Please feel free to message me at if you need some extra motivation.

Honestly, you’ve got this.

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