If you type ‘how to lose a stone’ into Google, over 65 million results are thrown back at you. With most the search results focusing on drastic exercise or diet changes, it’s evident that most of us are looking for a quick fix for weight loss and these fads are becoming the norm. With life getting busier, people are willing to invest in what saves them time. Lets look at this on a larger scale. Who are the leading brands in business right now?

– Uber – with the click of a button or speaking to your phone you have taxis on demand.

– Skyscanner – compare all flight companies at once, saving you the time of doing them individually.

– Spotify or Apple Music – no need to search individual songs on YouTube or other online platforms. Here you have them all in one place.

– Airbnb – no more trolling through hotel websites. All your accommodation needs are in one place.

– Webuyanycar – you could sell your car elsewhere for more money, but people are willing to take a cut for the convenience.

We are now a quick fix society and people want exactly the same for their health. The boom in extreme dieting and weight loss surgery are solid proof. People find this difficult to accept but, unfortunately, being active and staying healthy don’t work this way. Macronutrient specific food delivery, shorter high intensity interval circuits and supplement shakes as meal replacements. These are all tools you can use to make things easier, but being healthy requires a change in mindset and a long-term investment.

We all seem to be focussing on the short term rather than looking at the bigger picture. If you want to lose weight and improve your health for good, then here are our top 5 tips for effectively losing weight:

  1. Find a sustainable eating plan. If you can’t see yourself on your healthy eating plan twelve months from now, you won’t stick to it. Find a way of eating that you could stick to for the rest of your life.

  2. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and that doesn’t feel like a chore. This could be weight lifting, swimming or hula hooping! Anything that gets you active and keeps your heart rate up is going to help improve your health.

  3. Get more active in everyday life. Spend more time standing and less time sitting down whenever possible.

  4. Don’t drink calories. Losing weight is difficult enough without consu