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Online personal training

The way that you eat and exercise can be enjoyable and should add value to your life, not consume it.

What is included:


Personalised nutrition coaching 


I will help you find a balanced way of eating that you can keep up for the rest of your life. Following a consultation, I will design your bespoke nutrition plan that I will adapt as you progress. You will receive a new recipe book every month for cooking inspiration.


Custom exercise plan


You will receive a new personalised exercise programme every month that is tailored to you. Workouts can be designed for the gym environment, outdoors or in your home. You will have access to my online training portal which will carefully guide you through your training plan. ​​

Supplementation advice


I have no affiliations with supplement companies. This allows me to give unbiased advice on what is right for you. Supplements are just that: a supplement to a healthy diet. I always take a 'food first' approach but, if required, I will advise you on the supplements that could work for you. ​​​​


With twice weekly check-ins, I will support you every step of the way.​ Using online nutrition and exercise software I will monitor your diet and training progress, keeping you on track. 


Unlimited support

You will never feel alone. Outside of our twice-weekly check-ins, you will be able to message me directly through my coaching software at any time you need. I will be your full time personal trainer, here to support you in any way that you need.

Why online personal training?


Are you sick and tired of misinformation within the fitness industry? Enough of overly-complicated exercise plans that burn you out. No more over-restrictive nutrition advice that creates a bad relationship with food. My personalised approach to exercise and nutrition will provide you with all the tools to maintain healthy habits for the rest of your life.

What my clients are saying

“I can't recommend Michael Ulloa enough! He was such a great trainer to work with, even on my crummiest days he'd get me laughing and being more kind to myself. I learned a tremendous amount from him over the 8 months we worked together, both about exercise and nutrition (protein!). His integrative app was easy to work with, and his take on the diet industry is next level. Count yourself lucky if you are able to work with him!; professional, patient, genuine.”

Kim C

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